Our Story

We were born in a small valley called Hunza where three mighty mountain ranges meet - the Himalayas, Hindukush, and the Karakoram. Forty years ago, we lived completely unaware of the world that lived just outside our tiny kingdom.

Although we lived without the luxury of chocolates and soft drinks, we were blessed with delicious fruit during the summer and nutritious dried fruit during the chilly winter months. All of our food was in a truly beautiful and breathtaking environment. Our family, friends, plants and livestock were all nourished with glacial water filtered through naturally occurring herbs.

Eating organic foods was something of a norm to us. Little did we know, there was a world outside of ours that had completely altered the way food was supposed to be grown and passed along to the consumers.

Twenty years later, after having lived in three continents, we came to realize that we were among a very minute quantity of communities around the world with an age span surpassing hundred years old.

Researchers from North America and Europe have all pinpointed our diet grown in this unique soil as the explanation behind our longevity.

By eating pure, raw, unprocessed food and drinking glacial water infused with these naturally occurring herbs we were able to live not only long and happy lives but safe ones as well.

Shilajit was one of the Hunza men's favorite diets who would walk barefoot for miles carrying produce weighing over 100 pounds as transportation was rare and proper shoes were a luxury. In the spirit of sharing our natural gifts to the outside world, Hunza Valley Enterprises came to fruition in our new home, Canada.

Every product we offer here is unique in that they are naturally grown or found in lush green valleys surrounded by mountain peaks 8000 ft. above the sea level without any chemicals or additives. In addition to boosting your health, every purchase you make improves the lives of these mountain communities.