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Shilajit | The History of Shilajit

Turning old is a certainty but stay young is a choice. When your life gets into your turning point, you will feel lost whenever you do anything. That’s why you need something called a “rejuvenator” in life. For most women, they will need firming skin care to maintain their skin’s elasticity.

It is essential to feel that way since you want to stay happy and enjoy your life. For many years, in some mountain cultures, Shilajit is used as an anti-aging substance for youthfulness. A lot of people call it “the power of growing young.”

Where does Shilajit come from?

Shilajit is mostly found in the Himalaya and Karakoram mountains, after all. Some people also found it in the Caucasus Mountains and the Altai Mountains. It is a thick and sticky substance usually used in traditional Indian medication since it is rich in 85 minerals.  Shilajit’s color is ranging from black to brown, making it looks like charcoal.

The Shilajit is found in the mountains ranges of Himalayas and Karakoram.

Though people already believe that Shilajit is a kind of rock with minerals, several researchers have noticed that Shilajit is a herb origin. The rock happens in a sediment way, not natural. The studies say that cactus plant-like Euphorbia Royleana has been growing near to the mountain. This plant is already observed, and it contains the same substance as the rock itself.

How can we use it?

Based on the terminology, Shilajit has a simple meaning as a “rock conqueror” because it has many benefits for humankind. A long time ago, Shilajit was used as an important medicine to strengthen the physical body, anti-aging power, libido, wound healing, and blood sugar stabilization.

A lot of studies have been held to observe Shilajit’s benefits. Some scientists have revealed that Shilajit contains bio-substance and immuno-modulatory to help people of various ages to stay healthy. Yet, some critical assessments are still on hold to get to know better about its side effects.

Shilajit is collected from its origin and processed manually to get the simplest form, making it possible to be consumed since it is basically a rock with many mineral contents. Once it is found, then it is cleared and processed until becoming a paste. To this day, we find Shilajit in simple packaging. It is also manufactured with several active compounds to ensure customers by its various benefits.


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