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Shilajit Resin

Shilajit Resin

Shilajit Resin is a pitch-black compound produced through the breaking down of many organic matter and materials.

Commonly found in rocks on the Himalayas mountains, In other words, these miracle materials contain many minerals that can help fight many diseases and health problems.

 In the same vein, Traditionally, Shilajit Resins were used in Ayurveda — healing processes developed in the heart of India thousands of years ago.

Nowadays, they are gaining popularity. Meanwhile, as effective, natural, and alternative medicinal substances that provide many advantages to those who use them.

Shilajit REsin


Alzheimer’s Disease

Research has found that it has certainly materials and substances to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

The said disorder is a type of dementia that deteriorates a person’s cognitive abilities.

also, A paper created through the International Journal on Alzheimer’s Disease contains fulvic acid, which can subsequently help prevent brain aging disorders.

As a result, this compound is considered a great asset in neurology as researchers claim that it is a safe substance that provides many health benefits.

Liver Cancer

According to studies, this wondrous substance has many components that can help in the battle against liver cancer.

And Research conducted by Pant and Gupta shows that prevents cancer cells’ spread in more than just one way.

As a result, the material has anti-cancer capabilities and can significantly help if taken as a food supplement.

Used for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This substance is suitable for you if you are going through severe tiredness that cannot be diagnosed by any medical practitioner.

In research conducted in 2012, the substance showed promise in treating the said condition.

According to the research findings, Shilajit Resin increased the body’s energy levels and lessened anxiety to the research subjects, reducing stress in the process.

Diabetes, Anemia, and Obesity

Another health benefit of Shilajit Resin is its ability to fight against many blood-related problems.

The compound shows excellent advantages to people with diabetes, obesity, and chronic pain as it was proven to lessen triglycerides and cholesterol in the body.

Additionally, the compound also contains iron, which can help in an anemic individual’s overall well-being.

Male Fertility

most importantly, The miracles of Shilajit Resin do not stop there. In fact, scientists also found out that the product contains chemicals that can improve sperm count and sperm motility.

Both of these factors are very important in guaranteeing healthy sperm cells responsible for reproduction.

MoreoverThey also discovered that Shilajit Resin could increase testosterone count for males who consume it.

How to Take

Shilajit can come in many forms, likewise in liquid or powder.

You can choose to mix these substances with milk and even consume them together with butter and honey.

Above all, the product’s intake is a personal choice and can depend on your health conditions and body mass index.

In conclusion, you can begin to take Shilajit Resin at 100 mg per day and increase the dosage to up to 500 mg. 


Disclaimer: To clarify, this is a guest post. Information in this article and other articles on this blog and our website are only for information and educational purposes.

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